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The Kingdom Group leads the way in innovative mixes and we are committed to providing the best customer service and building an enviable reputation for the quality of our products and services. The Kingdom Group has three Readymix plants outputting 360 cubic metres per hour, allowing builders, developers, architects and engineers to use Kingdoms expertise in computerised weight batching, concrete pumping services, technical backup and quality assurance for nearly a decade in the Readymix concrete market. 

Kingdom Readymix

  • Is the suppliers' choice for Readymix concrete
  • Is committed to quality products and service excellence, with a 65 fleet mixer, 15 pumps, 3 batching plants (two in Hidd, one in Ma'ameer),
    2 stationary pumps and plazing booms and a mixer capacity of 8 cubic metres.
  • Caters for projects ranging in size from individual homeowner requirements to the largest construction projects
  • Has a range of well equipped pumps for all your pumping requirements
  • Has a high-technology Research & Development laboratory
  • Ensures the highest in quality products which are well equipped to suit the adverse condition of Bahrain, and are ISO 9001 certified

Normal Concrete and Customised Mixes

Kingdom Group has a range of readymix products and produces concrete to specific mix designs; it also designs customised mixes to solve the unique problems of the designer, builder and owner.

These mixes range from using traditional raw materials to composite cementitious blends, advanced admixtures, self-compacting concrete, fibre entrained and coloured concrete.

Offering unparalleled quality and consistency of colour and texture, Kingdom Readymix is produced under controlled conditions to ensure superior final quality. Our mixes come in a wide range of earthy tones, each designed to complement and enhance an areas appeal, allowing clients to find a mix which suits the design.

Kingdom Readymix has a technical team which finds solutions for specific applications such as highperformance concrete for high rise buildings, exposed aggregate for architectural finishes, porous, heavy-weight and light-weight concrete. Its services include research and development, optimisation of mixes and on-site technical advice relating to concrete technology.

Advantages of using Kingdom Readymix Concrete

  • Kingdom Group has the resources and technical expertise to provide a wide range of mixes and to match the right mix design to the right application
  • Kingdom Group is able to meet changes to the construction programme within the allotted time frame
  • Kingdom Group takes responsibility for the quality control of concrete production and provides technical solutions to construction problems.
  • Recycling of waste concrete ensures economic re-use of materials and contributes to the protection of the environment. 

Readymix Materials

Kingdom Readymix has stationery pumps that can pump up to 700 metres in height. For large construction jobs, Kingdom has placing booms and can pump 120 cubic metres per hour. Our 65 fleet of mixers and 15 pumps enable Kingdom to provide complete customer satisfaction for all the jobs taken. We have a dedicated in-house laboratory, fitted with the latest technology, which can test all materials. Our Readymix division houses a large storage area for all the raw materials.

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