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Kingdom Group's Sand Washing & Dredging division initially started operations to meet the demands of the market. In the absence of river sand in the region, sand is dredged from the marine bed in order to be washed and regulated to international industry levels.

The division incorporates sand washing, dredging and has two Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants offering its services to the construction industry.

Kingdom Sand Wash is equipped with two Power Screen Fine Master 120 Washing Plants for washing and screening of marine sand output of 1600 m3 per day in total. As a supportive process to source the marine sand, Kingdom Group utilises a hopper dredger with the capacity of 3,200 m3 per day and has a discharge pumping capacity, which is on par with other dredgers.

Naturally the marine sand has a high deposit of silt and chloride, which has the adverse effect in controlling the quality of the sand. The chloride content has been effectively controlled by a well equipped laboratory and qualified technicians. Washed sand is regularly monitored and quality controlled to verify that the chloride content level is within the allowable limit that has been tested and approved by the environmental affairs and the Ministry of Works and Housing.

The quality and chloride controlled sand is then used in all Kingdom Group's products such as ready mixed concrete, concrete
blocks, kerb stones, bricks etc.

The operation of sand wash is mainly supported by the production of potable water by two RO Plants each with a capacity of 100,000 USGPD and a total capacity for both plants of 200,000 USGPD . The RO Plants ensure the constant availability of potable water to wash the dredged raw sand and excess water and supply it to the market.

The quality of the product water is closely monitored and controlled by well equipped lab and qualified technicians. A number of modern equipment and instruments were employed to these activities to prevent any mechanical faults in the processes.

Sample product water is regularly sent to public and independent laboratories to test and certify the content parameters to ensure the quality of the water for its intended usage within the permitted variations. 

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